Space News, Aliens & Tacos

So apparently there is ample evidence that an underground lake of liquid water exists on Mars. The implications of this lake point to the hope that there exists life beyond earth.  It also brings out my somewhat paradoxical position when it comes to all things related to outer space and the universe. On the one hand, I am fascinated by everything dealing with the universe, I love the planetarium, Neil Degrasse Tyson is awesome and I truly believe political leaders in Washington should avoid cutting NASA funding at all costs. Government does have a role in space.  Space exploration is vitally important on a variety of levels not the least of which is the clichéd- always striving for new frontiers.

But on the other hand, a part of me always feels a bit let down when it comes to breaking space news stories. Am I alone in this sentiment?  And I know this stance or position is not necessarily fair and shows how little I might appreciate all things outer space but I can’t help myself.  The latest news about Mars is unbelievable to scientists- and it should be! But when I hear about the possibility of “life” in space, or on other planets I am not thinking about microbes or amoebas I’m thinking about aliens or space monsters.  Therefore, I never get all that excited about the latest space news and then well, I kind of feel bad and guilty. Fortunately the space scientific communities’ well-being and state of minds are not dependent on my stupid guilt levels.

In my perfect world breaking space news dealing with life in outer space would be a live audio and/or visual feed of like an Alien Lollapalooza.  A kind of intergalactic rock concert covering some Beatles tune.  Or photos of the remnants of some intergalactic space diner or arena.  By the way I think the previous two sentences are the first time ever I have used the word “intergalactic” in two consecutive sentences- or is it now three sentences?  These are the type of news stories that would really move the needle with me.  As a result, after reading the latest news regarding the discovery of a lake on Mars in my head I said to myself “well I guess that’s cool for the scientists, but call me when there’s some space creature water skiing on said lake.”

As far as discoveries go I would contend that one of the greatest discoveries in my lifetime was when I discovered “stand and stuff” hard taco shells.  Seriously. Talk about making life easier-MY GOD! The stand and stuffs have revolutionized Taco Tuesday in our household.  The guy or gal that invented those is up there with Gutenberg and his printing press.

It also might explain my somewhat warped, irrational and nonsensical take on space news.



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