Kid Quotes

It is very true what they say. Kids say the darndest things.  I have three girls all five years old and under.  They are no exception.  I have managed to keep a running list of their quotes in the notes section of my Iphone.  Here’s a few of them from my two oldest- ages 5 & 4 with some context and comment to go along with it.  Enjoy.


–My four year old, ever the inquisitive one around new people couldn’t quite get the conjunction right  for a stretch of time when inquiring about someone’s name. . .


“Who is your name?”


By the way I think the above quote would be perfect on the front of a t-shirt.


–My oldest said the following to me about a year ago. . .


“I love you even when it’s not Father’s Day.”


Well, that’s good to know. She just apparently wanted to clarify in case I wasn’t sure.


–My oldest also responded by saying this when I asked her if she wanted a sandwich or a wrap for lunch the next day for school.  I am the lunch guru in our house and I try to make lunches the night before.  Sometimes I am asking them what they want right before they go to bed.


“I’ll figure it out in my sleep.”


Problem-solving in one’s sleep. LOVE IT.


–Getting back to my second oldest, the four year old, she had asked me one night a few months back if she could have her dessert.  I said sure and asked her if she wanted to make another healthy dessert choice like she did the night before by having a frozen yogurt stick. She said the following. . .


Ah, actually, I think I want to have a bad choice.”


I laughed out loud.  Her way of saying – Dude, easy on this healthy dessert stuff. . .let’s pump the brakes.


–Walking into church as a family this past Palm Sunday I told all three of my girls while crossing the church parking lot that they needed to be on their best behavior while inside.  Opening the entrance door I looked at my second oldest (the one that is most problematic in such situations) and said “best behavior right?” She responded. . .


“I haven’t decided just yet.”


My wife and I just looked at each other and shook our heads with a smirk. Pistol that one is.  Turned out she was probably a solid 8 out of 10. Ain’t bad for a four year old.


–Just a couple of weeks ago lying in bed with my oldest after a very fun day with family and relatives in town for the Fourth of July holiday my oldest said the following out of the blue. . .


“Today was a great day.  I’m kind of sad it’s over. But tomorrow can always be a great day too.”


It’s nice when five year olds can put things into perspective. Don’t ya think?

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